The Top 10 UI Design Tools

Our favourite UI mockup tools that help you create the killer app

The quality of the UI (User Interface) of a web or mobile app is incredibly important. A poorly designed interface will immediately put users off, potentially driving customers away or prompting them to download a competing app. High quality UI design tools on the other hand can do wonders for apps. A smooth, stylish and intuitive experience will keep customers coming back for more and will help the app to become a leader in its field.

The easiest and most effective way to ensure the user interface of an app is good enough is to use a high quality UI design tool. To help you create apps that stand out from the crowd, we’ve put together a list of 10 of our favourites.

1. InVision

Used by some of the biggest online companies including Uber, Salesforce and Shopify, InVision is one of the most powerful UI design tools on the market.

Created by designers, for designers, the tool allows you to quickly and easily create mock-ups of your app or site and then share them with clients and collaborators around the world. Thanks to the intuitive interface, mock-ups can be made within minutes. This means that there’s time for a higher number of revisions to be done, streamlining a design and creating an innovative user interface.

tour1 Top 10 UI/UX Design Tools

2. Ace iOS 8 mobile UI kit

Well organised and easy to use, the Ace UI kit allows designers to quickly and easily create mock-ups of iOS apps. The screens available in this kit allow you to put together over 1,000 different apps. What’s more, as each screen has been created at Retina HD 4.7, it’s easy to design flawless apps for the iPhone 6.

ace-new-featured-image1 Top 10 UI/UX Design Tools


First launched in 2011 as an application prototyping platform, has now expanded to allow users to create prototypes for anything with a screen interface.

As lets designers create prototypes using drag and drop, it’s very quick and easy to use and will allow you to create a range of designs in moments. The tool allows designers to see exactly how the app will look and feel, helping them to create digital products that are innovative and appealing.

Though not quite as quick to use as InVision, is a great choice for anyone looking to create a stylish and eye-catching mock up.

images-1 Top 10 UI/UX Design Tools

4. Antetype

Featuring a choice of over 400 UI widgets and an intuitive interface, this powerful tool will help you to mock up a high fidelity prototype quickly and easily. The tool allows you to customise widgets, annotate components and leave comments on ongoing tasks, making it the perfect choice for UI designers collaborating with other professionals.

user-experience-design-tools-antetype Top 10 UI/UX Design Tools

5. AppCooker

The wide choice of iOS widgets available on this UI tool makes it ideal for designers creating digital products for iPhones, iPads or Apple Watches.

Though largely unsuitable for Android apps and sites, AppCooker is a must-have for anyone who works largely with Apple devices.

ux-tools-appcooker Top 10 UI/UX Design Tools

6. Firefly

Firefly is ideal for organisations that have creative teams or freelance workers scattered over various geographical locations. Featuring a combination of data management and design functions, the tool allows users to upload application designs, mock-ups, images and even entire web pages during the development process.

This makes collaboration quick and easy and helps to ensure that the resulting user interface is as innovative, stylish and smooth as possible.

ui-design-tools-firefly Top 10 UI/UX Design Tools

7. Pidoco

One of the most popular wireframe tools on the market, Pidoco allows users to create a clickable mock-up quickly and easily using the tool’s drag and drop feature.

For designers who regularly collaborate on projects, one of the best aspects of this UI tool is its strong feedback feature. Pidoco allows different users to discuss current projects and make comments on particular features, helping designers to perfect their apps and websites and creating digital products that look good and work perfectly.

tools-for-ux-design-pidoco Top 10 UI/UX Design Tools

8. Power Mockup

If you’re looking for a UI tool that allows the end user and non-technical collaborators to follow the process of design more easily, Power Mockup is ideal.

The tool features an impressive number of wire frame templates and enables the real wire framing to be done on PowerPoint. This makes explaining the design process a lot easier and helps to ensure everyone working on a project is on the same page.

mobile-ux-design-tools-powermockup Top 10 UI/UX Design Tools


9. User Testing

In order to create successful user interfaces, designers need to understand exactly what it is users are looking for and what features and attributes attract them to a site or app and make them stay.

The User Testing tool is a platform for users’ research. It can be used to research either released or unreleased apps on both Android or iOS devices. The tool can either create a test for you or you can create your own test and upload it to the site. Thanks to the usability of the site, you can run your test within minutes and have usable results back within the hour, allowing you to continually improve your user interface and create an app to be proud of.

web-ui-design-tools-testing Top 10 UI/UX Design Tools

10. Prott

Specially designed to aid the development of mobile applications, Prott is a fast and powerful tool that UI designers will love.

The tool allows sketches, graphics and images to be animated quickly and easily. Screens can be synced together and the resulting prototype can be previewed on the actual device it’s being designed for to ensure the UI is as good as possible.

mobile-app-ui-design-tool-prott Top 10 UI/UX Design Tools


An essential part of any designer’s tool kit, these useful apps will help you to create innovative, interesting and usable interfaces in moments. Download a selection of UI tools today to find out which app is the perfect choice for your needs.

What’s your favourite UI design tool?

Do you agree on our list? Tell us what’s your favourite  design mockup tool by replying on this post, and we will update this list based on the responses.


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