5 Key Benefits of
Website Maintenance Services

Website Maintenance Services: evolved

1. Data security

Data is one of your most important business assets. Whether it’s details regarding customers, partners, suppliers or employees, your business data is invaluable. So, protecting it from online threats is crucial. According to a recent article by CBR1, over half of all UK businesses were subject to a ransomware attack in 2016. With the number of digital threats rapidly increasing, it’s vital that businesses select a hands-on partner to keep their data safe and secure. Backups, regular malware updates and health checks are imperative. But businesses also need to select a website maintenance services partner with the flexibility to respond to emerging security concerns. Episty can advise regarding platform options and construct a digital environment that keeps your business (and its data) safe.

2. Drive revenue from marketing

The world of digital marketing never stands still. And if your website isn’t evolving, chances are it’s falling behind. Keeping your CMS updated allows you to unlock the latest plug-ins and platforms, to optimise your digital marketing efforts. From email and marketing automation, through to multivariate testing tools and conversion rate optimisation solutions, there are any number of options available to businesses seeking to improve the efficiency and accuracy of their campaigns. Partnering with a maintenance provider that has both technical proficiency and consultative business understanding can supercharge your marketing.

3. Customer engagement

Your website is not just the place where your customers transact with you. It’s where they interact with you too. As such, it’s essential that your website is easily navigable and user-friendly. In other words, help customers, prospects, and other stakeholders to access the information they need. With regular website maintenance and upkeep, you can ensure you’re not only keeping your content current, but harnessing the full potential of the latest customer engagement platforms too. So, whether it’s live chat, forum platforms, or social plug-ins, staying on top of the latest technologies can help to improve your overall customer engagement. If you’re seeking to build deeper relationships with your customers, Episty can help.

4. Improving productivity

You might be able to maintain your organisation’s website by yourself. Then again, with enough time, you might also be able to manage your own accounts or represent yourself legally. Perhaps even run your own deliveries. The point is, there are plenty of things you could do. But the wise choice is to spend time focusing on what matters – building your business. Find the right website partner, and as well as keeping your data safe and harnessing the potential of new marketing solutions, you’ll also improve your productivity and overall efficiency.

5. Rescue and recovery

From the menacing to the mundane, your website will undoubtedly suffer an outage at some point during its lifetime. And when you already have enough to worry about, the last thing you need is a late-night call from a colleague or a disgruntled customer to inform you that your website is down. According to a 2015 study2, website outages cost businesses $700 billion per year. It’s easy to see why recovery and rapid resolution is critical. To minimise the risk of a serious interruption to your website, you need a reliable and experienced website maintenance partner. One that can help you get back online as quickly as possible. After all, you can’t put a price on peace of mind. Or, perhaps you can – a surprisingly affordable one. Talk to Episty today.


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Whatever the platform, technology or size of your website, we can build a solution to meet your needs.